Our amazing team

With extensive professional engineering, event design, and technology backgrounds, our team brings a unique perspective to software. We work tirelessly to create technology that is always accessible, intuitive, and secure.

Willy Stewart, PE


Creatively solving problems and forming lasting relationships. Chief Feedback Acceptor. Chief Daydreamer.

Chris Roberts, PE


Maniacally focused on creating products that make the lives of our clients better. Chief Feedback Implementor. Chief Daydream Interpreter.

Michael Fuller

Chief Strategy Officer

Always looking at the bigger picture, and comparing. "Raising the Company Profile" is his middle name. Chief late night typer and graphic creator.

Lee Anne Nance

Chief Marketing Officer

Ideating and creating messages that resonate and listen. Chief Visioner.

Sunu Treesa Sebastian

Product Owner

Taking grandiose ideas and making them real. Chief Wrangler.

Ratheesh Kumar R.

Systems Analysts

Like magic turing specs to apis and divs. Chief Developer.

Our First Product


Elevar is driven by a mission to elevate. We will elevate our clients by developing software that helps them work more productively. We will elevate the lives of children around the world through a culture of giving.

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